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Review: Fjern Aktiv hoodless down jacket

The first thing that I noticed about the Fjern Aktiv hoodless down jacket was the weight. It seemed ridiculous that a down jacket could weigh so little (295g for a size small). The next was the amazing colour, although I am biased as I love the colour blue. Nonetheless I was not prepared for just how bright and alive the jacket looked it screamed adventure and fun. Moreover, my husband Anton looked pretty handsome in his raspberry and red Aktiv jacket.

I had originally got the jacket to wear hiking the Cotswold Way, but I could not wait to wear it, so I wore it outside the very first opportunity I got which was walking the dogs first thing in the morning. The morning was frosty which was a perfect opportunity to test the warmth of the jacket, as a good looking jacket is one thing, but no one looks good wearing a jacket with a red nose! 

Once on, I found the jacket was slim athletic fit which is ideal for layering whilst hiking and does not produce drag whilst cycling. The jacket was also long enough in the arms to cover my hands if I needed it too and the zip pockets were easy to undo despite wearing gloves. Although Anton felt that the pockets could have been a bit wider to fit his gloved hand in. The length of the jacket was also an ideal length to cover my back and not expose me to the elements whilst cycling or hiking. Needless to say, I am impressed so far but would it keep me warm, as I am the kind of person who is reaching for a jumper whilst others are sunbathing.

I was a bit sceptical at first as the jacket practically weighs nothing and it is a lot thinner than other down jackets I have worn in the past. Clearly, I have not experienced a Fjern jacket before as my body temperature soon warmed up and I felt very snug, in fact so snug that I undid the zip and soon realised that it was not the temperature outside that had warmed up but me. 

All in all, very impressed with the jacket on a frosty morning’s dog walk but how would it perform during a 102 mile hike. I needed the jacket to be warm, light, and versatile to adapt as I did to the environment. I was not disappointed. To start with it was cold so I wore the jacket, but I soon warmed up and this is when I needed the jacket to be light and compactable so I could put it on my already bursting at the seam’s rucksack.

I did not attempt to roll it up in a ball and put it in my bag as I wanted it to be easily available for when the temperature changed and decided to put the jacket across the top of my rucksack, I found it was not bulky or uncomfortable. 

As time passed and the sun had been replaced by the moon the temperature began to drop and I used the jacket to add another layer to my already four (I mentioned I found the cold). At 2am in the morning the temperature had dropped to zero and the Fjern Aktiv down jacket still kept me warm. Although a minor criticism is that I had to put on a wind proof gilet to stop the wind chill on my chest however, as the jacket allows for layering it was not a problem.

I could have opted for the hooded Aktiv down jacket which would have helped maintain my body temperature by covering the back of my neck, but I chose not to as I like to use my peripheral vision whilst hiking at night. Although if the jacket were to have a higher collar that may have made a difference. As I mentioned I like to layer, and the jacket is perfect for that whilst hiking but if I were to cycle it may be beneficial for the bottom sides to be elasticated to allow for the body to bend without the jacket riding up.

To conclude I am very happy and impressed with the Fjern Aktiv downs jacket and would recommend it to anybody who loves adventure and wants to challenge themselves whatever the environment / elements throw at them, as it is versatile, light weight and warm and also is available in a selection of amazing colours 😊 which is never a bad thing. I cannot wait to test it kayaking next week.

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