Anton and Julie

Happy 49km!

Oooooh what to do on my birthday; go out for a meal, drink champagne, relax in the sun, or kayak 49km around a lake! Ok so you know what I wanted to do, kayak around a lake 34 times to represent my 49 years. My thinking was that kayaking is my weakest discipline in comparison to cycling and hiking therefore, I would be proud of my achievement which was a present from me to me 😊. 

The day started well, no rain yippee as the forecast was terrible but what is this a sniffle, I have not had a cold for a good 2 years what is going on! Maybe it is a sign (if I believed in such things) that I should be chilling on my birthday and not attempting to kayak the longest distance I had every done. Nonetheless, I would not be deterred, a challenge albeit to myself is a challenge. We dragged ourselves out of bed at 5.30am and headed to Lake 32 to start kayaking at 6.30am to ensure that we were finished by the time the lake closed at 7pm. OK I was not planning on breaking any records. 

I could now bore you with the details of every lap, how I changed my technique to allow for my old tennis (squash) elbow injury or how I practiced my pelvic floors to avoid stopping and visiting the ladies room, but I will not. I will not even mention how Anton and myself made a rookie mistake of thinking that a cloudy day would not give us farmer tans! All you need to know is that we kayaked 49km before lake 32 closed (phew) we ate cake and later champagne 😊 and that I felt super proud of myself …Happy Birthday me. 

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