February 2022

Oooooh what to do on my birthday; go out for a meal, drink champagne, relax in the sun, or kayak 49km around a lake! Ok so you know what I wanted to do, kayak around a lake 34 times to represent my 49 years. My thinking was that kayaking is my weakest discipline in comparison to cycling and hiking therefore, I would be proud of my achievement which was a present from me to me 😊.  The day started well, no rain yippee as the forecast was terrible but what is this a sniffle, I have not had a cold for a good 2 years what is going on! Maybe it is a sign (if I believed in such things) that I should be chilling on my birthday and not attempting to kayak the longest distance I had every done. Nonetheless, I would not be deterred, a challenge albeit to myself is