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For various events, we partner with charities to raise awareness and vital funds for some incredible causes. On the hardest runs, the longest swims, or the toughest rides – it is this that drives us.

In October this year we are racing in the Adventure Racing World Championships – to be hosted in Wild Galicia, Spain.

The race will see us compete against 100 teams from around the world as we navigate 630km of brutal but stunning landscape by trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, caving, coasteering, abseiling and orienteering, all the while being completely unsupported and racing against a clock that never stops for sleep. We are not allowed any assistance and have 168 hours to complete the course.

However gruelling the Race, there is always the opportunity to stop and make the fatigue, muscle pain, and cognitive difficulties fade away over time. Yet, if you are born or acquire a physical, neurological or intellectual disability – every day is a major challenge.

It is for this reason we are partnering with the Chamwell Centre for this event. The Chamwell Centre is a charity that understands that people with disability face challenges every day, and with this in mind, they have built a facility that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the disabled community through sport, therapy, play, leisure, and work experience – promoting their health and wellbeing.

The Chamwell Centre empowers people by providing a dual system overhead hoist for soft play, indoor climbing, trampolining and a hydrotherapy pool. This equipment gives people with any disability the opportunity to conquer fun-filled activities – however challenging they may first seem.