Anton and Julie

How time flies!

Only 3 weeks to go, managed to complete a 50km run with our 8kg rucksack on Sunday, so our training is still on track.

Although sometimes dragging myself out of bed can be difficult I am never disappointed with the beauty of Lake 32. Although by mile 10 I am normally only seeing stars! In fact, we must of both looked like we were struggling the other day whilst training as a member of staff in a rescue boat brought us a can of coke and a chocolate bar! Oh well at least we were not kayaking during storm Franklin. However, we were hiking, I know stupid ah! But apparently Lesotho is windy, and we needed to train for the conditions.

So, we packed our rucksacks with our mandatory equipment, food and extra clothing as the forecast was rain, wind and more rain. We saw fallen trees, windswept trampolines and blown down fences but still we hiked up and down the Stroud valleys (2 steps forward and 3 steps sideways) nonetheless we did it and whether it is windy or not during the race we know we can do it 😊 with a smile (or was that wind you can never tell at our age!) 

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