March 2021

Welcome to Silk Road Mountain Race 2021 ! We are pleased to inform you that your application to take part in the third edition of the race has been accepted.  SRMR has again attracted a diverse group of riders with some serious cycling and mountain experience. It was truly a pleasure to read about your previous adventures! It's going to be quite the race. Talk about experiencing mixed emotions when we read this email!  So for those that don’t know about the race… here goes.  To race in the Silk Road Mountain Race you have to apply… which includes a lengthy application including previous experiences, races, and the ability to race unsupported in the middle of remote wilderness (and all things survival!). Further to the team at SRMR vetting the applications, you get accepted (or not) and invited to race.  It is a relatively new race, only starting in 2018 with riders from all over the

For various events, we partner with charities to raise awareness and vital funds for some incredible causes. On the hardest runs, the longest swims, or the toughest rides – it is this that drives us. For that reason we have chosen the Chamwell Centre as our charity for the Silk Road Mountain Race. Moreover I am super excited to be working at the Chamwell Centre and to be involved in RaceRunning (Frame Running).  I have been totally inspired by the resilience and dedication of the Race Running Dragons who meet on Sunday mornings come rain or shine.  The Chamwell Centre is a charity that empowers people with disabilities to be the best versions of themselves by providing an environment where individuals can develop their skills and enjoy an inclusive sporting atmosphere with likeminded people.  The Chamwell Centre aims to promote wellbeing through physical activity and belonging. 

Well, this is where it all started! I met Graham Foot 20 (ish) years ago when he started the ‘Bigfoot’ mountain bike club and persuaded me to start racing.  My first race was less than prepared for; basically I decide that I would race after having one too many ciders at a hockey club bash.  I cycled home that evening (early morning) and then headed out to the race the next day.  I arrived with minutes to go before the race started.  I quickly paid my entrance fee, ran to the car, got my bike and cycled to the start line as the race was heading off in the distance.  Happy days. I managed to catch the pack and win the race.   I have never looked back and with the help of Graham Foot; who became my manager for the Karrimor team I managed to arrive on time for races and learn the ropes of competitive

In the Heart of the Cotswolds Smokestone Bikes came about from one man's passion to make bikes he needed and couldn't find. Its seems others like what's been created. Designs are created to fulfill a purpose, not to just follow a trend.  Team riders and customers feedback also feeds into the design process. We are proud to be partnering Smokestone Bikes and Graham Foot creating a bike fit for purpose for the Silk Road Mountain Race. The frames are currently being built and the final specifications being compiled. Follows and Smokestone bikes as they are built, tested and then put to their hardest test – 1800km of the toughest Kyrgyzstan landscape. #ExpandYourRide