Oner Ultra-marathon

Definitely one we’ll never forget. 82 Miles from Studland to Charmouth, covering the world famous Jurassic coastline. A strict 24 hour time limit applies to complete the course.

We had to self- navigate to check points along the coastline through the day and night.

It was brutal.

This is a seriously tough event, with only 50% of runners normally making it to the finish line.

The weather was disgusting and our head lights and wet weather equipment was saturated – so we decided to scratch at the half-way point.

Opting to go back to the hotel after 40 miles, we then learned the rest of the course was closed due to the weather. But this was no excuse – we were not prepared properly and clearly gave up 5 qualifying points for UTMB registrations!

We have since learned a lot from this race – there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit. We were drenched and freezing cold.


Location: UK
Date: 09/04/2016
Duration: 2 Days