Hadrian’s Wall Ultra-marathon

Our first recognised ultra-marathon outside of our training runs and we were about to complete the 69 mile course under the ‘experts’ category.

Do not be fooled. The race organisers qualified anyone running the race in a single day and in less than 24 hours as ‘experts’.  We did not and don’t regard ourselves in this vain!

In spite of some less-than-ideal preparation, we overcame the UK’s most iconic ultra-marathon – eventually clocking 70 stunning miles on my Garmin watch.

This was an ultra-marathon where we did everything wrong imaginable – including our diet, training and looking after our feet.

Anton vomited continually for 50 miles and urinated blood, whilst Julie lost every toe nail and all her skin on her feet!

The organisers market the race as a ‘good day out’ and for some a ‘long day out’. I think we fell into the latter description.

We concluded that our mindset won the day, as Julie finished 3rd (F 40+) and Anton 6th (M 35+).


Location: Scotland
Date: 21/06/2014
Duration: 2 Days